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Jun 9, 2015
“We” as in me or we as in everybody? Or we as in society? If we is me, then no. Power wise, I’d be fine with an iPad Pro from 4 years ago because all i do all the damn time is watch Netflix,YouTube and browse reddit like a zombie. But if ”we” as in society, yes. WE need a continuous improvement year over year of technology because better and faster technology births new innovations. Innovative apps, innovative industries, innovative ideas and new implementations.

I remember thinking when i had an iPhone 4 “it takes such great pics! Do we even need better than this??”. If i compared the pics i can take on my xs max to my iPhone 4, my iPhone 4 would look like a blurry unrefined mess. Perception changes all the time. What is good today wont be a year from now.
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