Do you all toggle bluetooth off for Apple Watch each night or keep it on 24/7?


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Apr 9, 2015
Since getting an Apple Watch I toggle bluetooth off at night before bed, then when I wake up i toggle it on.

DO you all keep bluetooth on 24/7 on your phone? Seems like a pain to toggle it.


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Feb 24, 2003
I put mine into airplane mode at night to conserve battery while still using Sleep++.


Jul 14, 2015
I leave BT enabled because I'd want the watch to help wake me if a call comes in while I'm sleeping. Silent taptics FTW.


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Jul 1, 2012
It's a fair point - on the few occasions I've worn my watch while sleeping, I've put it in Airplane mode and turned off 'raise to wake'
A) I want the battery to last until then morning and B) I'm a light sleeper and the glare of an OLED display in my face at night could wake me up.
Obviously if you're leaving it on a nightstand then it can all be left on, and there's never any need to turn off Bluetooth on your phone.


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Sep 28, 2014
New Jersey
I leave it on, but I also have a charging stand on my night stand and before bed I put my watch on it and plug my phone in. I do this nightly regardless of what the battery is at at the time. Every morning I wake to devices that I use daily all rested and recharged ready to go.

I used to do sleep tracking with jawbone up, tried with AW but didn't find any of the apps to do a great job with it. At this point w/o using another brand fitness/sleep tracker I would say sleep cycle (on iPhone) does the best job. I would recommend giving it a try for a few nights and just charge your watch while your sleeping.
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