Do you have dead pixels?

Do you have dead pixels?

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Mar 25, 2003
My friends and family have bought several MacBooks:

3 x MacBook CD 1.83: None
2 x MacBook C2D 2.16: None
1 x BlackBook C2D: None

I am getting one soon, hope everything is ok :D


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Jul 10, 2007
Vienna Austria Europe
Amount of dead pixels increases!

I have my MBP with the Samsung display now for five weeks. At first I've recognized two dead pixels. Yesterday I've made a re-check and found four of them, one of them consists of two or more dead pixels next to each other. I am beginning to worry about that.

According to TFT experts an increasing amount of dead pixels is very seldom but not impossible.

Please make a thoroughly (2 minutes) pixel test.

1. Download the little freeware program "LCDTest" from there and start it:

2. Go to "Pixels" and "Show Patterns" there.

3. Go with the space key to the white and gray patterns. Look carefully for pixels that don't show the surrounding color.

4. End LCDTest with esc.

The "stuck" or "dead" pixels (they are always black) that I've found on my MBP display have a strange "3D effect" that can be seen when I scroll a text above them. They are not at the "surface" (like the letters of the text) of the screen but a few millimeters backwards in direction of the LED light. Maybe they are not classical dead pixels but simply dirt or small insects that managed it to come in the display housing. Hard to say.

Sorry for my bad english.


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Sep 27, 2006
Alberta, Canada
None, Nada, Zero, Zip ...... :)

And it seems that a lot of other people posting here also have none!

Yet another successful FUD busting thread. (great thread aaron...)



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Jun 25, 2007
Not London
None on my shiny new MBP.

It seems like a rare phenomenon these days, but I guess most manufacturers like to cover themselves against returns anyway.

I didn't have any dead pixels on my Thinkpad, nor on my Vaio, nor on my Samsung laptop. None of my desktop LCDs have any dead pixels (A sony, two samsungs, a dell, and an Iiyama), and neither does the Samsung LCD TV I use for the Mini in the bedroom. My GF's Imac screen is perfect too.

There are issues with a few of those screens, but no dead pixels.

My old CRT however, had a blemish right in the middle of the screen which basically amounted to it having a dead pixel...

Oh, one of my PSPs has a dodgy pixel but it's really just a stuck red sub-pixel.


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Feb 23, 2006
Ontario, Canada
I only have one :) Compared to the 14 dead or stuck ones on my original core duo machine, this SR MacBook Pro is amazing. The pixel hardly annoys me and I love being able to play all my games on this thing. All of my MacBook Pros had dead pixels but not as many as the first one :p I had 14 on my CD, 1 on my 2.16 C2D and now one on the far left of the screen, which is okay because this display is only used while on the road, because I am getting a nice external display soon and I won't be using the built in LCD at home :) Although it doesn't even bother me. I used to think I was picky until I came on to this board over a year ago. Sometimes we see some pretty small things being posted :p