Do You Have Dogs?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by supercooled, Nov 6, 2009.

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    I have a Parsons Jack Russell Terrier.

    You should switch brands if you dogs are not interested in their food or try a mixture of wet dog food and kibble.

    I don't believe in feeding pets human food, as you cannot really keep track of the content as much a specially prepared dog food. things like fat content and salt content not to mention other ingredients that dogs shouldn't really eat.

    Our dog started to try and dictate what and when he ate and we soon stamped that out by simply taking his food away after 10-15 mins of him not eating it.
    This is what we were advised to do by a qualified trainer.

    He soon realised that what we fed him is all he was going to get and if he didnt eat it then he got nothing.

    Our trainer explained that doing this with his food is replicating what happens naturally when animals dont eat when they given the chance and he soon realised that when we prepared his food and gave him it to eat it then and there.

    He got bored of just kibble so we starting adding a scoop of wet dog food and he loves it... you can get many varied types of wet food so we sometimes change up what we add.... but NEVER give him human food.

    It only promotes a habit of begging for your food when you eat as they start to associate the scents of human food with their dinner.

    Thats the best advice i can offer.
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    Here is a link to Dogs not eating

    I would stay with the same dog food, just jazz it up with some wet food, herring, salmon, or the like. That is what we do with our 4 great danes.

    Also, ensure you are feeding quality dog food. If it costs $10 for 30 pounds that is not quality dog food. Read the ingrediants and see what is in it.

    Good luck.
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    My dog went through a phase where he decided he wasn't interested in his food. We switched him over to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (he'd had some tummy issues) and he seemed to like that better.

    Also, if he's being especially stubborn about his food (lots of activity around the house, we're on vacation in a new place) sometimes he gets a scoop of pumpkin or peanut butter (about a tablespoon) or very occassionally a splash of chicken stock on his food. That usually entices him to eat, and within a few days he gets weened off special treats and back to regular food again.

    FWIW, my dog is a labrador, he's about 95lbs. When he gets super stubborn and won't eat his breakfast, he devours his dinner in seconds...which is usually a good lesson to him to not wander away during breakfast time!
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    My dog doesn't like "dog food" but loves puppy food.
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    I have a husky and it's 3 years old now. I feed it meat once in a while apart from its usual food and it likes it!
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    We have two caviler king charles spaniels, they will eat dog food and human food. When we have roast dinners regardless if it's lamb or chicken they have some including vegies

    Yes there treated like royalty at home . There 10 years old too! Gotta look after the old timers.

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