Do you know of a program that I can use for this?

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    Jul 11, 2013
    I often have to show new people around an unfamiliar geographic area. I have to show them where schools are, churches, shopping, Housing options. They often get confused and have trouble not only remembering where things are but also where they are in relationship to other things i have shown them.

    I need to know if there is a program out there would allow me to create a "Document" that would have a base layer map. Then would allow me to lay over that map a number of "transparencies" each of which would be dedicated to showing locations of different things, one would show schools, one would show our home office, one would show available housing locations. The end user could then choose which layer or layers of transparencies to lay over the map at any given time to see not only where our home office is located but also see where our home office is located in relationship to available housing or how far available housing is from the office and a particular school.

    I know I could just print a map with all that info on the map but I want to be able to keep the map uncluttered and allow the end user to only layer over the map the "transparencies" with the information they are interested in at that particular time.

    Is there a program for Mac that would let me create such a document?

    If not, is there a map program that would allow me to create custom categories of locations or points of interest on a map and then show and hide the different categories or points of interest on the map as I saw fit or as the end user sees fit?

    Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for something I can create and then make available to the clients on an iPad as I show them the area.



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