Do you need the latest version of Xcode to submit apps?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by tbonewilly, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Do you need the latest version of Xcode to submit apps to the app stores? I am currently using Xcode 3.1.3 on a mid 2009 MacBook Pro running Leopard. Don't want to upgrade if I don't have to.
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    I don't think so... although unless I'm mistaken Xcode 3 didn't have the ability to upload the binary directly to Apple and instead relied on a separate Application Uploader (I can't remember the exact name,) to do it.

    So you'll either need to find a copy of that uploader, or upgrade to Xcode 4.

    Edit: The name of the application you need to get your app on the app store using Xcode 3 is Application Loader. Application Loader, however, requires a minimum OS version of 10.6.8.

    Here's the official documentation on Application Loader:
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    To submit iOS apps to the App Store, you will need to be a registered, paid member of Apple iOS Developer Program.

    The latest Xcode and iPhone SDK tools come with the yearly $99 registration, so it is basically a non-starter.
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    don't run on Leopard, which I believe is the OP's concern.
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    I think the oldest Xcode version that is supported for submissions is 3.2.6. I think any non-beta version after that is also supported.
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    You may need to upgrade to at least Snow Leopard in order to install a version of Xcode and the SDK that will allow you to submit iOS apps.

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