Do you need to know programming to make a informational app for the iPhone?

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    Hi, I got iPhone SDK and I now that you need to know objective C or whatever to make apps for the iPhone, like games and things like that. But I was wondering if yu needed to know all of that just to make an informational all fr the iPhone... Like one that that you click on a subject on a menu list and it brings up another menu like a sub menu and that it will give you text writing about what you clicked.

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    This sounds like the perfect project for a webapp done in html5, jquery, jqtouch, and javascript.

    There are some great tutorials out there on how to do some awesome web-apps. You could setup the app to download most of the files for the structure and interaction to the phone, then update the information via a web connection when it's available.

    After you get that going, there are also some applications available that will do most of the conversion for you if you want to make the app a "native" app.

    There are also some applications out there now that will help you make a decent "native" app without much programming knowledge at all. I believe the game that has dethroned Angry Birds was made using such software.

    I know it's not a ton of info, but at least a place to start.

    Here are some links to check out...

    Hope it helps

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