Do you think apple will cover this?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by newbiemacguy128, Nov 30, 2010.

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    First off, let me start by saying that it hasn't been dropped. I will post pics as soon as I can, but for now i'll just describe the "damage".

    So my girlfriend bought her MBP about a month ago and just noticed some damage on the corner of her LCD screen. If you open it up, it looks like its been pushed in by 2-3mm. The metal is warped basically and pushes on the rubber rim on the screen. The computer elsewhere is in flawless condition but i'm afraid apple won't cover this since its been so long.

    The damage isn't terribly noticeable and doesn't effect the using the computer at all, but still annoying. Physics tells me that theres no way she could damage that corner of the screen and bend the aluminum like that without scratching or breaking something else in the process (i hope that argument works).

    Anyways, has anyone else bought a MBP and found a warped corner?

    Added some pictures...It definitely has no signs of being dropped and she doesn't use a case (just wrapsol), i guess still fat chance of a genius believing it...

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    Apple only covers manufacturer defects. The warped case and possible internal damage will not get covered, regardless in how that damage occurred.

    You'll be hard pressed to convince a genius that it wasn't dropped, or damaged some how.
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    The problem with having such nice hardware is that even small blemishes hurt :(
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    I would try at least. Don't make up a story or anything though cause you don't want them to catch your bluff.

    Simply state that: My Macbook Pro sits on a table and rarely moves, and when it does it is secured in a case. It has never been dropped and within the last week we noticed this odd warp in the metal.

    Have them inspect it and see what they say. Depending on who you get and their mood they may just fix it on the house. I have gotten some crazy (long-and-detailed) things fixed on several of my Macs. If you have a 3 year warranty they are usually kinder towards you as well, but if its a bit after the 1 year warranty sometimes if the person you speak with is nice they may fix it for you on the house.

    it never hurts to try, especially in your case.

    BTW: In the past I have had warped plastic that even led to parts physically breaking off, and Apple completely replaced the shell; if you can show them that it overheats at times its possible they may be forced to fix it as their fault (although the top corner of the screen should not be warping from heat under any circumstance unless you position your laptop in a dismal area)

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