Do You Think Laurene Powell Is Good Looking?

Is Laurene Powell Good Looking?

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Sep 21, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
I'll take that as a "no" then...
Get a grip. Does anything on this forum we talk about really matter? Certainly not the stuff do with Apple.

As has been said a million times, if you have no interest in the thread don't open it. I would have thought someone who has been around as long as you would know that. :rolleyes:

As for the OP, I think she is a very attractive woman.

James L

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Apr 14, 2004
Does it really matter?
Does it really matter compared to what?

Everyone has created threads or posted in threads on topics of little true life relevance. You created a thread on people's favorite song lyrics, didn't you?

Do they matter?


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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
I don't know, she wouldn't be my type; but if she was a positive type with a killer sense of humour, I might find her irresistible. I can't just look at a photo on its own any more..

But the real question is... what attracted her to billionaire Steve Jobs?

(I kid.. I kid..)


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Aug 19, 2003
Well they were married in 1991 (i think) and he wasn't a billionaire then..
Yeah and she’s pretty well to do herself.

"Laurene Powell Jobs began her career at Merrill Lynch Asset Management and then worked at Goldman, Sachs as a fixed income trading strategist. In 1991, she co-founded Terravera, a natural foods company, and in 1997, founded a nonprofit organization called College Track, a comprehensive after-school program that prepares at-risk high school students to attend college. She is now President of the College Track Board. Laurene currently serves on the Boards of ODC San Francisco, a modern dance company; Advisors of the Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania; and, an online environmental portal. Laurene is a former Board member of Achieva, an educational company which was sold to the Washington Post in 2001, as well as several other nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She is a frequent lecturer on new philanthropy. Laurene was a California Delegate at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. She earned an MBA from Stanford University, and a holds dual degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.A. at the College and a B.S. at Wharton.”

She must be a hell of a woman to go toe-to-toe with Jobs’ ego.