Do You Think the iBook's Hinge is Too Tight?


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Apr 15, 2005
Just wondering what you guys who own a current G4 iBook think. I'm buying one right when the update happens and want to make sure my purchase lasts me many trouble free years. Now, I have noticed in store these hinges are TIGHT. I see stress on the bottom bezel while opening it and I am afraid after continued usage that the plastic piece of the bottom bezel may come apart from the screen and create an unsightly gap. So, should I get the iGlide from Radtech (I only really need the grease, tools may come in handy later in its life)? Or does the hinge loosen itself up by itself with time before damage is caused to the bottom bezel? Thanks,

P.S. I am assuming here that form factor will remain unchanged and that this update will only be a speed bump.


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Jul 14, 2005
Much better a little tight rather than a little loose, IMO. Nothing worse than a floppy screen!

Capt Underpants

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Jul 23, 2003
Austin, Texas
My screen hinge used to be too tight. It would creek whenever i raised the screen. Lately, though, it seems to have loosened up. If I would have know about this product sooner, though, I would have bought it. The whole screen creeking thing bugged me, and it made my laptop seem cheap to onlookers.