Do you think the new MBP will be totally different?


Nov 3, 2011
I bought the MBP a few weeks ago and now I am wondering if I should of waited.
I am reading a new processor and lighter MBP for the next one coming out.
Rumor says there may be a different form factor. - Notice these words are very uncertain. If your outside the return period, just enjoy it!


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Nov 28, 2011
Realistically, I doubt that there is going to be a redesign this year, despite all these reports being made and I'm someone who is really really hoping there is one this year because I'm buying some macbook this summer (air or pro, depending on a MBP redesign or 15" MBA). I just think apple won't implement this redesign until SSD prices come down enough so that they become standard, otherwise they will be putting in either small SSD's like 128, 256 and maybe 512 as an option, pissing off a lot of people, or they will have to do a hybrid of SSD + HDD and then have to change that the next year because SSD prices will have come down enough so that HDD's are no longer required due to price constraints.


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Feb 1, 2012
New York
I hope they keep the MBP substantially different than the MBA. I love the current design and having both an Air and Pro I don't want the Pro and Air to merge that would be terrible. I even hope the keep the optical drive I know some people want it to go, but it still serves a purpose especially in a Pro/Prosumer computer!


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Oct 5, 2011
I could of bought the air instead of the pro.
It just seems very easy to drop especially sense my kids use it to..

Just out of interest, you obviously liked something about it to buy it. Unless there is something wrong with it, just enjoy it. Being dissapointed in a purchase because something better MIGHT come along soon is pointless.

Honestly unless updates are launching within a month of your purchase, don't worry about it.

The 13" Pro is a great laptop, I have one myself. And easy to drop? No update is going to stop that.