Do you think this is right?


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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
Do you think this is right that Apple can control us ?

What i mean is i've noticed several things so far on both iPhone and iPad.

- if your not on the latest iOS version, u better, otherwise u'r nagged with constant downloads being the scenes (user is not aware). While this only happens once, and the Settings icon is badged constantly, even if you do a Factory reset "Erase All Content and Settings", it will download again when plugged in via charger.... There is no way NOT to have this on the phone, except, maybie never reset your phone .. and

- After a Reset of your phone, u are bought to the Setting screen to automatically check for updates... (again, if one is available, it badges the icon)

So, really unless you never charge your phone their is no way out here. iOS is either gona download to your device, or after resetting it will check.

Either way, you'r gonna have to plug in to charge, and unless you've reset your phone in the past, you'r ok, on wi-fi.

My point is, should Apple tell users what they should have on YOUR phone ?

Its kind of like Apple hits a home run and trys to bring it home to the face that they want users to use the latest iOS version, no matter what...

Stuff the customers.. Even though it always optional to install, thats not the point here...

It's the fact its doing this is annoying when the user didn't actually do anything.

It's interesting to see, when there is something we don't like, there the press media makes headlines about it etc... and all of the Apple fans go crazy, yet when it's optional like this, suddenly it makes it ok

Anyone feel the same here ?

I respect that Apple's a walled-garden, but forcing users for something they didn't even do is just not on

Anything that happens like this, Apple hears about it, and it they don't change their ways, well,,, that's the only option, because i'll play hell until they do...


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Jul 5, 2012
Fareham, UK
What annoyed me most of all was the switch from iOS 4 to 5 on my 3GS. Not only was I forced to do it after the phone died and needed re-installing from backup, but I lost about £50 worth of really useful apps that never got certified to run on iOS5. Just gone forever. Still allocated to my Apple ID, but can't be installed on any device I own any longer...


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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
ah dam it,, Apple has got us in their in their support pages again :p

Whenever every they introduce something new, they update their support pages to protect themselves.

Well... at least I can try and and get Apple to change this anyway.

The user didn't say ask for this to be downloaded.


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Feb 24, 2014
It does have it's pros.
Have you ever been stopped in the street by someone asking you to take their picture, and not been able to operate their phone's camera?

Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA

Because it then means that Apple has to focus on security patches for these previous versions of iOS, it means they have to back port new APIs that have been deprecated so that apps like Instagram can work on iOS 5, and of course they have to continue to deal with any remaining bugs that might still be there, even though they were fixed in iOS 6, etc.

And if you think Apple is the only one who does this, think again.

Ray Brady

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Dec 21, 2011
What Apple is doing is ensuring that it is as easy as possible for the majority of their users to stay up to date on security patches and features. The few who insist on sticking with the old systems have an easy opt-out; just switch to Airplane Mode when you're charging.

So yeah, this is "right".
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