Do you understand iOS Keynote sync on iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by neutrino23, Jun 23, 2011.

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    I working up a dozen or so presentations in Keynote for our sales group. I create them on a MBP and transfer them to the iPad where I touch them up to make sure they run properly before distributing them.

    The method of transfer or sync seems a little odd. Maybe there is a better way than what I do.

    First I transfer the presentation to the Keynote pane in iTunes. Then click Sync. At this point it seems that the presentation is transferred to the iPad. However, I next have to go to the presentations pane in Keynote on the iPad and tap the little "+" icon then tap on import from iTunes and then it copies into Keynote.

    For the reverse I merely have to open the presentation then tap the tools icon and tap Share and Print and select Send to iTunes. The presentation now shows up in the Keynote pane in iTunes with out syncing in just one step.

    Is there a better way to do this? Does iOS store a separate copy of each presentation before it is imported into Keynote on the iPad?

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    A workaround would be to use Dropbox or iDisk, where each iPad can access the presentation without needing to sync.

    I believe iOS5 will remove the need for this, as presentations will sync over-the-air to and from your devices.

    Edit: Yep, iCloud will take care of this.
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    Or email it and open to..

    If email is not setup, you could use something like iCab to download the file from a site, then open to... not that the methodology outlined would be more simple...
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    Thanks for the help.

    I agree, iOS5 and iCloud will change all this.

    It was really puzzling to me that when I added an presentation to the Keynote app pane in iTunes and synced that it didn't appear until I also did an import in Keynote.

    I suspect that when iOS 5 comes out we'll also see iWork 11 (at long last) which will change this as well.

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