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Feb 23, 2008
Never, when I do (rarely) use it, I use MusicDock. Generally works very well. Are you sure your subscription didn't expire?


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Sep 1, 2005
It's working right now on my iPhone 4. Although I sometimes get a 'someone is trying to use the same account elsewhere' type error.


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Original poster
Apr 2, 2011
New Jersey
Thanks, no the account is fine. The car radio is okay as we'll as the intranet radio. But I keep getting "network error" error. Not sure what to try anymore. I've deleted it and reinstalled it. Tried both with wifi on and off but still the same error.

What is Musicdock that you guys are referring to?

EDIT: I found Musicdock but it doesn't have all the channels. Wheres George Carlin?
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Jul 3, 2009
Mine was ok. I find it to be a horrible app. Every time it does the stupid download for channel art.


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Feb 24, 2008
XM = Worst customer service of ANY company Ive EVER experienced. And I had it for almost 8 years.


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Apr 24, 2012
Denver Colorado
Mine is working OK.

As far as the person above talking about their CS, they can be very persistent in trying to retain you as a customer when you try and cancel a radio sub. I've been an XM sub since about 2003 and have had owned just about every XM plug and play radio since, even multiples such as the MyFi and Inno, have two of each. It used to cost just under $30 to have four radios activated but now is just under $50. I managed to get free service on four radios for the past eight months by calling to cancel. Each time they were so eager to give me free service rather than lose me. Finally last month I called to cancel once more and just leave one radio activated, the guy cancelled all but the one radio.

Another time the agent said he cancelled some of my radios when I asked him to and an hour later, they still shows on my account. Had to call up again to have them cancelled and this time, they were cancelled.

Now I have two radios activated, five months for $25. I can probably play the cancellation game again when the five months is up. It's how they keep their subscriber numbers up. Their CS used to be India based but lately, I've been getting people who sound like they are US based.
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