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  1. zebrafx macrumors newbie

    Jun 24, 2008
    Is there any mac document management software for the Xserve? What I want to do it, have users in my company be able to find stuff easily and also have versions of the word, excel etc documents.

    I have also mix clients of Mac and PC but server is Mac, and the users are majority PC.
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    Jan 5, 2006
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    It's the part about being able to find stuff that makes this harder. There are many good revision control systems but I think what you need is a web-based catalog that connects to a revision control system. The key to finding something is to remember that Mac OS X is Unix. Look for a Linux/Unix solution. There are many.

    Also, just because your ccurrent machine is Mac OS X don't think you can't buy another for this project. You are going to need a LOT of new hardware. Certainly a large RAID-5 system to hold the data. You'll need the full setup with hot spare drives, dual power supplies and soon. Also you will want a good backup system and a way to do off-site backups. When you place all your eggs on one basket you need one darn robust basket. The cost to set up something like this is much more than just buying another $3K server. So if it turns out you need to buy a Solaris machine from Sun and some disk arrays you just are going to have to do it. Our company uses "livelink". It works OK but there are others. Users will expect that you offer a Google-like search of the system. We bought a Google search appliance to handle that. It works well. Many terrabytes of .doc, pfd and other files can be searched instanlty and it works just like Google so everyone already knows how to use it.

    This is a little dated but still good

    There are some Free Open Source ECM systems too
    Try typing this into Google:
    ECM "Open Source"

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