Doc Watson Has Died

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Shrink, May 30, 2012.

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    I don't know if there are enough folks old enough, or with catholic enough musical taste, to know who Doc Watson was.

    For those who do, this is a loss to the music world, no matter one's taste. He was an incredible musician, and demonstrated a flat picking style of such virtuosity it was seldom matched. Listening to him play always brought a smile and a feeling of amazement at his skills.

    Also, having briefly met him MANY years ago, he seemed a genuinely nice person.

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    Very sad, the Dobro style is real roots blues....Very few can play that way now...He must have had a darned good long life though...
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    For those who don't know about Doc Watson, here are a few non-Wiki links.

    NPR Remembers Doc Watson. Click the Listen Now link for the Fresh Air Audio.

    Doc's Guitar: In Memorium

    In 1969-70 I was a photography major at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. One of my friends did booking for a club called The Cavern, which was really just a cafeteria with a sound stage added on weekends. I helped out and ran sound. One of the acts we had was Doc Watson and I had the pleasure of meeting him. His flat-pick guitar work was the best I have ever heard. He was a true gentleman who cared about all the people he met. He will be missed by all the bluegrass community.

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    Thanks for the links...:D
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    Doc Watson

    A long long time ago in the late 60's, a friend gave me a sampler LP. One of the tracks featured Doc & his son Merle. As a very new, young(and mediocre) electric guitar player, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my thing. Just a few years later, having moved over to 6 string acoustic, I found that record. When it struck me Doc Watson was also blind, and after my jaw got back to its normal place, I thought -I'll never be able to play like that....

    I never met Doc, but while I was a radio disc jockey & music director at the world's first 24/7 Bluegrass format in Virginia, I learned Merle had died. Since they weren't technically bluegrass or really any one genre, we didn't have much on hand (my album was long gone). There was however, enough tracks to do a decent tribute set. As I listened to that flat picking of Doc's, I again thought -I'll never be able to play like that.... I was right.:cool:

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