Dock Connector to 3,5mm(or cinch) + USB


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Dec 30, 2008
Hamburg, Germany
Hey, I was searching for a cable that does the Following

Dock Connector----->USB & 3,5mm or Cinch


Dock connector ---->12V car plug & 3,5mm or Cinch

so i can Connect my iPhone to my Car stereo, without having to plug in 2 cables (espacially annoying when using the iPhone as a GPS with the Navigon app)

there has to be something like that, because the iPhone docks do it the same way :eek: but I could not find any cable that has both USB and Cinch or 3,5mm (i would prefer cinch though)

I searched amazon and some other shops but I could only find dock---> cinch or dock---->USB but not both at the same time
do you know of any cables that do that?


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Mar 23, 2010
Love to know myself as I'm also looking to use the Gs with Navi a lot and hate plugging in two cables.