Dock Doesn't Recognize iPod touch 4G!?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by wad11656, May 7, 2011.

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    Well, if anyone ever happens to stumble upon the same problem, I fixed it by deleting the package in Cydia titled "Resupported 4," which is a package allowing for unsupported Video Out chords to work. I never use my iPod for video out anyway; just got the packages in case in the future I ever did use it. In the end, all it did was cause some unnecessary troubles, though!

    Hope I helped some people out there!


    Hey guys!

    First of all, it's jailbroken...So there ya go. ha ha

    Anyway, I have a dock that's been reliable for ages. Jailbroken or not, my iPod touch 4G--when plugged into the dock--worked instantly and wonderfully. However, I have recently updated to 4.3[.2]. I'm not sure if it's the jailbreak--which I applied immediately, by the way--or the new firmware, but soon after the upgrade, the dock took a good 5-10 seconds to recognize the iPod then play the audio through its speakers.

    Today I tried it again. Nada. I plug the iPod in and it immediately begins charging. Then I open up the music app. It crashes. I take the iPod out and hard reset. (The music app can no longer launch after it had crashed, even after taking it out of the dock.) I am able to start the music app fine when it is not plugged into the dock--It functions perfectly. However, if I choose a song THEN plug it in, it starts charging and plays through the device's speaker, but not through the dock's.

    If you press the "Now Playing" button in the top-right, the Music app freezes completely--but the audio still plays through the touch's speakers.
    So, I decide to press the Home button to quit out of It works. I try to re-launch it. Even after quitting the process/all recents, it doesn't boot. Just a white screen with a blue bar across the top.

    Just realized that similar dysfunctions occur when plugged into any power outlet (i.e. USB>Computer)...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Even if you have any simple ideas, just shout 'em out!

    Thanks guys!:apple:

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