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  1. Jbspeyer macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2010
    Dear Forum,

    After replacing the screen on my iphone 3g, all is going well except now my dock isn't working. What is weird about it is that my phone charges but can only do so when the power is off and the phone does not seem like it is charging (i.e no bar pops up etc.). Also, my computer cannot recognize my iphone, nor can any accessory. But when I plug the iphone into something, it will power on as if it recognizes it is connected to something. Please help!


  2. Mikeyklander macrumors newbie

    Apr 26, 2010

    I had a similar problem with my iPhone recently. I just bought mine a month ago and one day I plugged it into my computer and it wasn't being recognized (no battery pop up, no sync, etc.) I even plugged it into the wall with the adapter and it still wasn't working. However when I plugged it into my dock I got with my surround-sound it appeared like it was being recognized, but it still wasn't actually charging. I ended up having to take it back to the Apple Store and they replaced my phone. It turned out I had a faulty connector (it was bent or something inside). What I later found out was that apparently you have to be careful what you actually connect your phone to. You may already know this, but sometimes plugging your iPhone into anything other than your computer and using a wire that didn't come with the phone can be detrimental to the iPhone.

    i.e. I used to plug my phone into my surround-sound but I suspect that may have caused the damage because the dock that I would plug it into was not made to carry an iPhone. As a result I believe it slightly bent the internal connector, rendering it useless for anything else.

    Not sure if this is totally relevant to your case, but it may give you some insight into what you can do on your end.

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