docs and data is huge. how to delete?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bhigh8, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Sep 23, 2012
    so my wifes iphone had no room and it was all other. so I deleted her messages and call logs and things that may take up "other" space. when I synced it with iTunes it put it all back on and I was stuck going to IOS7. well now its has 4gb of docs and data. its like it found all the messages or something. however they are not on the phone. she literally has 199 photos now and 29 apps. nothing else. and she has no room. no idea what happened.

    any help would be great. if I set it up at new and just add the 29 apps back, will that fix it? and how can I get the pics back on?
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    Dec 18, 2012
    Try deleting the apps and reinstalling them (that might delete save data). I'd say first go for the apps that seem to deal with documents

    If you start a device as new, there's no way to put the pictures back into the camera roll in an easy way. One way would be to upload to Dropbox or email yourself and manually save the pictures to the camera roll
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    So to get pics back on a phone you have to restore from a backup? I was always told to not restore from backup when there are issues with the phone. What do people do in this situation?
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    You can sync photos using iTunes but they'll become in their own album and not deletable without the use of iTunes

    The only way to have a simple click of a button solution to put photos back into camera roll is through a restore from backup

    Most people just backup the photos to their computer. A small group of people decide to save photos in batches to camera roll using email or Dropbox

    It's the same with text messages. Without restoring from backup, you lose your SMS history
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    May 6, 2013
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    On the phone go to Settings - General - Usage and it will tell you what is using the space on the phone. If it's Messages and you've deleted all conversations then you have the issue where iOS 6 would not delete message attachments.

    To get pictures back on the phone after a restore, you can save them from PhotoStream back into the Camera Roll. If they aren't in PhotoStream, you can upload them to PhotoStream from your computer and then save them onto the phone.
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    Can someone tell me how to delete all old text conversations (including attachemnts/photos) in batch or bulk. It would take me forever to delete every individual text- they go back 5 years on my phone and I want to free space. I will post another thread to ask about this too if I can't find it in search. BTW, I just backed up all my old texts with iexplorer and it worked well.
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    Only way is to manually delete each conversation. You could turn on auto delete after 30 days and see if that removes all your old conversations, but I don't think it will.

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