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    Does anyone really, completely and utterly understand how iCloud Documents and Desktop work? And has anyone who has decided to switch on iCloud Drive/ Desktop and Documents Folders actually fully understood what is going on?
    Well, I have and I don’t, and Ive tried to read as much stuff on this on the internet as I can as Apple haven’t helped their customers at all in explaining how it should operate.
    I have it switched on on my iMac as a main documents source, and switched on on my MacBook Air as a secondary source. Both Macs have spent the best part of a week trying to complete an upload and sync of folders and files to iCloud Drive, but there seems to be a very long way to go before it completes this exercise. The iMac has been saying “uploading 15 items of 7Gb for days” and I am beginning to thinks it’s lost interest. I have a 50Gb account on iCloud, so there should be space for the Desktop and Documents from both Macs.
    My (first) questions are these:
    1. why does it take SO LONG to upload the content of ones Docs & Desktop - I have a good internet connection and the files are not that large - max single file size 1GB?
    2. The folders containing Desktop & Documents for both Macs are evident in a new iCloud part of Finder, the previous file structure now having been superseded and as I understand it, ‘hidden’. Does this mean that the Docs & Desktop files for the secondary MBA are also now copied onto the iMac (primary Mac) and hidden? Is the MBA now full of iMac files and also hidden?
    3. If I decide (which is highly likely given my experience so far), that I switch off iCloud Drive and then, as I understand it, move or copy all of the files in iCloud back to the Mac as they apparently don’t exist on the primary Mac any more, are the files that are resident on the iMac (and hidden), deleted from their hidden location or by copying them back from iCloud, am I going to end up with duplicates?
    4. Has anyone asked the question as to the safety and security of personal files that are seemingly not encrypted on upload, living on Apple’s server farm somewhere?
    5. Why, when I edit a simple text document on my iMac and save it, does the edit not show up on my iPhone’s iCloud App as having been updated and it continue to show the previous version? Isn’t this the whole point of it? It does appear to show it being updated on
    6. If I inadvertently delete something in when browsing my Docs & Desktop folder, is this file now gone from everywhere and irretrievable?
    So many other questions and so little time.
    Thank you in advance of better understanding.
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    Well I tried today iCloud too, even bought the 50GB. I have a PC and a Macbook, so I thought hey this is nice for syncing and having a shared drive. Well it does not sync anything from my PC to iCloud. I added everything to the Windows 10 Firewall but doesnt seem to help.

    [EDIT] I uninstalled and reinstalled iCloud on Windows 10, now it seems to work

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