Doctors That See Inpatients Only

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Feb 2, 2005.

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    Oct 20, 2002
    Now with more pressures on family doctors time, they prefer not to visit patients in hospital. The reimbursement is the same for an office or hospital visit. They with with the time and travel. So now hospitals in some areas of the country only see inpatients, Hospitalists. Hospitals offer them so that patients receive continuity of care.
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    this has actually been going on for a while. I'm 4 years out of med school, and this was going on since I've been in medicine.

    There are a lot of advantages. First, it is convenient for docs that want to spend more time in the office. Second, it is very cost effective for the hospital / insurance companies. Hospitalists generally know how to get things done in the hospital in a cost-effective manner (tests, imaging, consultation, etc), plus are adept at working with ancillary staff to minimize inpatient stay time.

    The drawbacks are that patients sometimes want their doc to care for them while in house. This usually isn't a big deal, however, if they know that their doctor uses this arrangement.

    Plus, hosptialists usually work in groups, so they are "on" or "off" (read: No call). This is a huge issue when dealing with quality of life issues.

    I see this more an more as being the future of medicine. Hospitals are more and more becoming places for truly sick people. The big push is to get people out asap in a safe manner.

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    The "on" or "off" sounds OK as long as continuity of care is provided. It's important that the doctor is well rested, less errors. Working shifts works very well for nurses, a report if given at the shift change.

    Getting patients out ASAP certainly gives my wife plenty of work as a visiting nurse. She takes care of a lot sick patients in their home. It also helps the patient's recovery being in familiar surroundings.
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    I've only been hospitalized once -- went to the ER with what the doc thought might be appendicitis, strong gut pain.

    Turned out I just needed an enema, but if I'd tried that at home and it actually had been appendicitis I might not be here today.


    I forgot to add the part that's interesting. Due to a urinalysis, three blood draws, and CT scan, as well as consulting with not only an ER house doctor but also a surgeon, the bill came out in the thousands before insurance, which thankfully brought it down under a thousand.

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