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    Document Maker Version 2.1 for iPhone and iPad


    The New Documents maker- create & Edit Rich text Docs and Generate PDF app aims to bring a superior content writing and file management solution for iphone & ipad.

    To get started you simply need to download the app from the iTunes Apple Store. Users can create professional quality documents in open standard format that can be viewed or edited in Adobe PDF, Microsoft word or any other standard word processing application.

    Document Editor
    View/Edit/Create Rich Text Documents.
    Fonts, styles,Fonts Sizes.
    Bold, italic, Underline, Strike out.
    Text Color, Background Color selection.
    Text Alignment.
    Import Pictures from your Photo Library and paste in the documents
    Take Pictures from Camera and insert in the document.
    Various bullet styles/formatting.
    Auto bullets/numbers
    Undo Changes.
    Easy Copy and Paste.


    Draw sketches in your PDF documents.
    Write hand-written notes or comments or highlight text in your PDF Documents.
    Fill out PDF forums and send Through email.
    Sign & Send Documents -Receive documents through email,sign them using this and send back through emails.
    This feature is useful when someone sends you a documents to sign.
    You don't need to print the documents,sign it and then scan and email.
    Using this app you can sign & send documents instantly.
    Saves time and money.
    Multiple Bookmarks.
    printing PDF Files to Air print Printers in your wifi network.
    Email Attachments

    Tumbnail,Fit to screen,Fit to Width, Actual size 7 full screen views
    Go to/rotate page.
    Multiple Bookmarks
    Printing to Air print printers through wirelessy.
    Send Documents as Email Attachemnts.
    Open Files that comes to your emails as attachment.
    Google Drive.
    Microsoft sky Drive
    Folders & Sub-Folders
    Create Folders & Sub-Folders.
    Delete,Rename files.
    Drag and Drop files to Move them across folders.

    Apple TV & External Monitor Support
    Connect to apple tv or external monitor (setup required).
    Make impressive presentation using this app from your iphone or ipad.
    Enjoy reading on page external monitors or Apple TV.


    Smooth user Inteface.
    Drag & Drop Files.
    Full support for .txt and .csv files.
    limited support for .docs, .xls files via Google Docs.
    Google upload & Download
    Create files that can be opened and edited in Microsoft word,Apple Textedit,
    Notepad,Open office,Browser & all Leading office suites.
    Creat,View & Manage Photos and Documents.
    works anywhere online or offline.
    Professional Look & Feel optimized for iphone and ipad screen sizes.
    Free updates.

    Lightweight office work on the go
    Backup of documents
    Quick access to Documents,Spread sheets,Presentation,Notes & Memos.
    Word processing
    pocket Spreadsheet
    Pocket Presentation
    And many more....

    iTunes Download link :

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