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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Robdmb, Jun 15, 2011.

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    I'm looking to purchase a document scanner to start digitally archiving my documents. I've looked at a few options such as the snapscan and neatdesk but am looking for opinions. Specifically, I would like to find a model that is compatible with both windows and mac (at least hardware compatible if cross-platform software is not included). It seems a lot of models are specific to either mac or pc. Thanks.
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    Make sure you get one with
    -document feeder
    -2-sided colour scanning
    -ability to save single sheets as one or more of jpeg, tiff, png
    -ability to save multiple sheets as a single PDF

    I've got the Canon MX870 & while it's not small, it's been great
    Highly recommended all over the place, good price & you get a printer, fax etc as well
    WiFi or Ehternet

    Windows & Mac
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I looked at that one, or similar, but it would just be the third thing have on my credenza. I have been looking at this: or maybe a slightly lower model. It would allow me to get rid of my large color laser and my copier/scanner*/fax unit. I could sell them and be back at the price of the Fujitsu.

    I just wonder how fast the first page out is in copy mode. My mom has an HP multi-function and it spends way to much time "thinking" before the first page comes out. My dad has a Brother laser printer and it takes about 20 seconds to warm up before the first page, but then it flies.

    right now I am loath to purchase anything Canon because I have a great copier/scanner/fax machine (MF 6550), but Canon can't be bothered to write Mac drivers for it, so I can't use the scanner. They wrote a printer driver, but not a scanner driver. Not looking to give them any more money.
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