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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Mojo1, Sep 8, 2015.

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    I recently upgraded two family iPhones 5S from iOS 7 to iOS 8.4.1 as well as purchased two iPads running iOS 8.4.1.

    On both iPads under Settings-iCloud the Documents and Data option is available and on.

    On both iPhones the Documents and Data setting is totally missing.

    I have found several threads on the Official Apple regarding this problem but none answered my question... I have tried resetting Documents and Data in iCloud from my Mac then restarted both iPhones. But the Documents and Data setting remains Missing In Action.

    How do I get back the Documents and Data setting? I would like to enable syncing data for Drafts and possible other iOS apps on our iPhones.
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    My memory is hazy on this, but seem to recall that once you switch a device from "old" iCloud to new/iOS8 iCloud, the "Documents and Data" option goes away and can't be brought back. This is the case with my two iOS devices when I switched them.

    My question: why is the option available on the iPads running iOS8? That one seems like the odd case here.

    And: are you seeing a list of apps that are new iCloud compatible on the phones? Should be able to see that and enable/disable apps you want to use iCloud with.

    ADD: old article about not upgrading from old to new if not running Yosemite and or all on iOS 8
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    I didn't upgrade to iCloud Drive on any of our iOS devices because I had the mistaken assumption that the iCloud Drive upgrade is a paid service... Now I know better.

    Here is what I think happened: When we got the new iPads they had iOS8 installed. We were still running iOS7 and Mavericks on our iPhones and Macs... While doing the initial iPad configuration I OKd the apps using iCloud for data backup/syncing purposes. I had not OKd that on our iPhones... I did not upgrade to iCloud Drive on the iPads.

    So for some strange reason our iPads showed Documents and Data with a list of the apps utilizing the service while the iPhones did not. I have now upgraded to iCloud on all our devices and to Yosemite on our Macs and things seem to be working as they should...

    Why the iPads running iOS8 showed Documents and Data and the iPhones did not is a mystery... And while I have come across other threads where folks have had the Documents and Data option disappear from their iOS device I have yet to find an answer as to why it happened or a detailed post as to how they got Documents and Data to show up again in the one case I can recall it happened.

    Thanks for trying to help!

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