DODO Cases Reviews?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by BikkyHicks, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I can't post a link, but google is pretty good at this stuff.
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    You don't see many reviews on this forum since some members were disillusioned with the iPad 1 case and the quality control issues. The original bamboo frames were one piece and were subject warping and cracking. They then went to a 4 piece bamboo frame which reduced those issues. However, there still reports of poor builds.

    Also the corner sticky pieces had issues with them coming unglued but they found a corner piece that didn't come off and Dodo offered them for free to anyone who requested them.

    I was one of the original owners of the Dodocase and didn't have any issues with the frame. I did have a couple of the corners come unglued but Dodo sent me replacement corners. I ended up selling the case when I purchased the iPad 2 and it served me well.

    I did the buy the limited edition white/black for my iPad 2 and have been very pleased with the frame, corners and workmanship. I think it's as well made as some of the other moleskin-type cases from Portenzo, Pad & Quill, etc.

    The new design securely holds the iPad and I have no fear that it will come off unless I intentionally try to remove it. Huge improvement from the original design that didn't secure the iPad very well.

    One improvement I would ask of Dodo is to incorporate the Smart Cover feature. This should be pretty easy as other companies have done this.

    I hope this helps.

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