Does anybody knew anything about this PCI ssd

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jod1921, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. jod1921 macrumors member

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    I bought one of this to turn my mini into a fusion drive. It doesn't look like the othe PCI ssd's . Instead of 4 flash chips lined up neatly on the back there are 2 the are not lined up at all.

    Apple OEM Samsung MZ-JPV1280/0A2 128GB with PCIe Interface

    This is the other side

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  2. BeatCrazy macrumors 68000

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    Possibly from a very recent Late 2014 mini with Fusion Drive?
  3. P00t macrumors member

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    How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking?
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    Jun 17, 2009
    s4ln058x01-8030 Controller

    This pcie ssd has a s4ln058x01-8030 controller not s4ln053x01-8030 like all the rest. When I try to look this controller up there is no information. The only info I have found on this ssd is someone was selling a lot of 43 of these around 7 months ago and they were listed as custom for the MacBook pro MacBook air . I paid 154.98 with shipping . Anyone have any idea what's up with these. I going to refuse the shipment and ask for my money back ( listed as Samsung eom apple pcie ssd on eBay. I have never heard of an oem product with no web info listed anywhere.
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    You won't find any OEM information about the part numbers since these are pretty much custom for Apple products, so I really don't think you have anything to worry about there, as long as it's the right pin count on the connector, you should be good.
  8. scoobdriver macrumors regular

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    It was my belief some of the Macbook Pro's (1TB ? ) Pcie on the later ones had increased perfomance due to been 4 Channel vs usual 2 Channel.
    Dont think there was ever a 4 channel 128GB though so you should be fine.. I'd not worry , and take delivery and test it..


    Quote from 9-5 Mac

    "The MBP 15 is able to achieve these speeds because it has a 4-channel PCIe connection to the SSD, in contrast to the 2-channel link on the MBP 13 and MacBook Air models, though from some reader reports this may be the case only on models fitted with 1TB drives. PCIe is a high-speed serial link used only on the latest Macs, replacing the slower SATA connections of earlier machines. SATA 3 is good for around 600MB/sec, which was more than fast enough for hard drives but not capable of keeping up with the speeds of modern SSDs. PCIe 3.0 is capable of a theoretical maximum of 8GB/sec, allowing plenty of spare capacity for faster future generations of SSD.
    Per lane (each direction):
    v1.x: 250 MB/s (2.5 GT/s)
    v2.x: 500 MB/s (5 GT/s)
    v3.0: 985 MB/s (8 GT/s)
    v4.0: 1969 MB/s (16 GT/s)
    So, a 16-lane slot (each direction):
    v1.x: 4 GB/s (40 GT/s)
    v2.x: 8 GB/s (80 GT/s)
    v3.0: 15.75 GB/s (128 GT/s)
    v4.0: 31.51 GB/s (256 GT/s)
    It seems likely that Apple was keeping things simple by citing the performance available across the range rather than noting the far higher speed of the top-of-the-range model."

    I'm not sure if the SSD is different or just the "connection" to it .. Mac Pro's are also 4 channel I believe ..
  9. yabba235 macrumors newbie

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    This is PCIE x4 version of apple ssd.
    Very rare :)
    Ordinary ssd pcie in macbook air or retina is PCIE x2 only.

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