Does anybody know if there are internal harddrives that are 2TB?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by piatti, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. piatti, Apr 30, 2011
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    I'm thinking of visiting a store to install internal harddrive in my MacBook Pro because I want it to store a lot more videos and music. It's almost full now and I don't think I have that much in it.

    Also are internal hard drives more expensive than external ones?

    I would like to have my current internal hard drive in a casing, how much would that cost?

    Actually I feel that I would eventually run out of space even with 2TB if I keep making videos at the pace I'm making, so I would like to upload it all on YouTube automatically and set it on private mode. Is that possible?

    I would like to automatize this process:

    1. Put iPhone videos on sideways on iMovie, (recorded sideways so as to not have black space)
    2. Make it upload to YouTube on private mode,
    3. embed it on a designated blogspot blog, so you don't have to see the 'related videos' junk when you are trying to enjoy your home made videos.
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    I didn't know youtube had a private mode.
    Internal hdds are of course cheaper than external ones.

    To fit in a MBP you need something in 2,5" form factor and the largest there is currently is 1TB. Altough 1,5TB should be around the corner as there are already 1 platter 500 GB 2,5" drives. And 3 platter is the 12,7mm thick drives that fit in a MBP. They aren't any on the market till now afaik.

    You could always get 3,5" drives if you just need to store lots of video material. They are cheap up to 2TB per drive. (the biggest are 3TB)
    And you can simply get some box than can hold 2 or 4 of them and add a drive everytime one gets full. With 4 drives you end up with 8TB or more if you add the next in a year and you probably already get a 3TB drive for the same price. Each year another one and in a few years you have 10TB+.
    I would advise to wait for some kind of thunderbolt enabled drive as USB 2.0 is really slow and FW800 is not much better when you want to move many GB at once. A gigabit ethernet enabled network drive is the best currently but I would wait for thunderbolt if you want to go this route. The drives can run in RAID 5 or something and you get decent speed.

    Online storage works too but uploads take time and I am not sure you can privately store that much for free. Usually you pay after a certain amount of free storage.

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