Does anyone actually check Apple's Bug Reporter?

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by definitive, May 29, 2015.

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    I've seen the name of the Bug Reporter webpage thrown around on these forums quite often as a way to get a problem solved... I've submitted several bugs in the past with instructions on how to reproduce them, yet I've never seen anything done with these submissions. Do their devs simply look at the page, and move on, or do they close these reports once the issue has been resolved?
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    You got to think that they properly get millions of reports in every day. I tried a few times with a map apps bug that's there since iOS 7 (on iPads you can't change settings from miles to km or vice versa, depending on your region settings)
    A more direct way is to speak to an Apple engineer via the phone who in turn will help or file the bug for you. Seems more effective than the bug reporter, they properly only care tho if it's a serious issue.
    You could also always send an emotional message to Mr Tim Cook himself, believe it or not that sometimes actually works too :D
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    Yes, they do look at the reports but they do not reply to all of them immediately.

    90% of my bug reports were replied to, many asking for more logs or sending me a profile to debug my issue and so on. I would say the average response would be 2-6 months for me, majority were closed as dupes.

    Often, the ones that exceed the 6 months are the ones where they are aware of what the problem is, don't bother saying anything and then follow up when a new version of OS X is released asking me to repeat the tests.

    They just don't have enough people and time to reply to everyone's report right away, it is virtually impossible when you have thousands of new reports coming in daily.

    Even MS doesn't do it in their Feedback tool during the Windows 8 and 10 development.
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    I usually get at least an email.
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    You'd get an email for each reply. Not sure what you mean here.

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