Does anyone have the magic bar? any problems?

steve knight

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Jan 28, 2009
I bought the silly thing as I was tired of changing batteries in my trackpad so often. seemed fine till battery got down to 40% then my trackpad would have problems like scrolling would not work and it acted like I was right clicking and such. finally put the batteries back in and all is fine. charged the magic bar battery again and the problems started right away.
time for a return I guess. I was hoping to leave my trackpad in the cradle so it does not scoot around but it rocks in it.


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Jul 24, 2005
I have both for Mouse and Keyboard


I have the Magic Bar as well as the Mouse Charger and both work well. They are dependable and my keyboard and mouse stay charged.


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Jul 25, 2008
I have it and got an extra battery pack for the trackpad. I love it. I was so tired of changing batteries. I had a little problem with some debris on the threads of the second battery but my husband cleaned it up and it works great.
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