Does anyone here play fantasy football on ESPN?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gator24765, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Okay seeking some advice. We have a pretty hardcore league. It is with my family and close friends.. We all live in different states across the country. We love to chat during sundays. ESPN has a live chat box under the scoreboard tab but it sucks hard. Sometime you will be sitting there thinking no body is talking then you refresh and they have been chatting for like 20 minutes..

    We are sick of it as it has been the same thing for the last two years.

    My question is, what would you guys recommend for live group chat that is private? or can be embedded into the league front page on espn?
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    espn's chat system in ffl is terrible and I also hate having to guess if people are chatting or not. Short of setting up a group chat in some sort of external client you could just use the message board to chat with everybody. You can't set the message board to auto refresh but you can click the button as much as you want. I'd say its more reliable than the scoreboard chat windows. Just my two cents. People in my league tend to come and go. Some weeks everybody will be on the message board, the next they'll all be on scoreboard chats. It's a toss up.
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    Whatever you wind up doing one thing is certain: it will not embed into ESPN's FF interface.
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    We run two MR leagues here that play on ESPN. Using a forum like this helps because people can just post in the thread and it's available to everyone. So, if you are looking for an easy way to communicate with everyone then you might try a forum somewhere.

    If you are looking specifically for instant game day trash talking then why not get everyone on the same IM program and just keep a group chat going with everyone who wants to join in that day.

    Most of the leagues I manage do their trash talking during the week and actual games are pretty quiet. Although in my family league there is some text trash talk on gameday. :D

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