Does Apple have a lemon policy?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Mgf95, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Aug 20, 2012
    Does apple have a certain number of time a laptop has to be repaired before they replace it with a new or refurb one? I got a 15" MBP in December of 2010 and got apple care on it. But it's been repaired around 10-15 times maybe more in less then 2 years. I don't know if you'd necessarily call my MBP a lemon but it seems like every couple of months something brake and it then requires a repair.
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    There's no policy that specifies a fixed number of repairs. It depends on which Apple rep you talk to. Some are quick to bend the rules or make accommodations to keep customers happy; others, not so much. If the repairs are due to defects, you've got a better chance. If they're due to damage or normal wear, I wouldn't expect much.
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    You could always send an email to Tim Cook to explain that these never-ending problems and situation is harming you... Someone in this forum got a maxed retina for the price of a classic MBP after they failed 3 times in a row to provide him a defecteless cMBP... Good luck...
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    I had a Early 2011 MacBook Pro 15" Antiglare model (w/ apple care) with 8+ repairs (including 2 motherboard repairs, 1 screen replacement and numerous of little things).

    I called the Apple Care customer line and explained the situation. They told me then whenever the next thing occured, they would consider giving me a new model (mid 2012). *The MacBook Pro was in repair at the time*.

    When I picked the MBP up from repair, it had this scratch at the bottom located near of the screws (slipped technician). I showed my disappointed at the Apple Store and that did it. They decided to swap the unit with an mid 2012 antiglare model.

    So, with Apple Care and many many repairs, there actually is a big chance you can get a new model. They just don't offer it themselves.

    (I sold the new unit and bought a retina model :cool:).

    They even swapped my 256GB Crucial M4 SSD onto the new model. It was a easy sale with it's specs.


    Make sure you tell them that you rely on the machine for work or if your a student, that you need it really bad. You've spent such a amount of money on a machine which happened to be so unreliable. Tell them you are the last person to make a big argue out of things but that this even get you a little bit disappointed and agitated.

    But stay polite. That'll do it every time.


    I always make sure I get Apple Care with my machines and I have managed ( of course with the failure of my machines) to get the unit swapped within it's Apple care period. I have honestly not spend a penny more on any new machine since the MacBook Pro I bought in 2006. Sold the new unit every time for a different model of whatever.
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    No official policy.

    If you have taken it in 15 time, be polite next time and explain that you just have endless issues with it, and inquire about getting a replacement, 10-15 times is a hell of a lot for a computer...... really a waste of your time.

    go the route of it being your first apple product, and that your not sure about apple products cause of the amount of time it has cost you!
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    Although Apple quality is slipping due to various factors too numerous to mention, there's not a lemon problem per se. Apples computers are still fairly well made, the ones with issues are not the result of substandard assembly, or below standard parts.

    If you have experienced a repeated problem, Apple approaches resolution on a case by case basis, which is very fair.

    About the only change in recent times is reflected in Apples struggle to deal with the high sales volume & resultant case load in situations such as this. Therefore, where once they were quicker to offer a solution or replacement, now it's up to the buyer to be more aggressive in seeking an acceptable solution.
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    Oct 21, 2011
    In Norway you will get a new computer or your money back if they fail to fix it after three attemps... :cool:

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