Does Apple still give case numbers when calling support?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mklos, Feb 13, 2004.

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    I called Apple the other day because I'm having trouble with my screen being tilted to the left and also either my SuperDrive or my hard drive on my iMac is making a funny noise. I think its my hard drive. Anyways after a 20 minute wait on the phone I finally got to talk to an iMac specialist. He was real nice but he never gave me a Case Number! I know they used to, but I never got one. I need to take my iMac to an Authorized Service Center. Will they ask for a case number when I take it in? Is this something I need? What would I do to get one if needed? Thanks!
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    well they normally give case numbers over the phone. im sure they could quickly bring it up if you give them a call or visit the store on their computer system.
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    Re: Does Apple still give case numbers when calling support?

    We (the AASP) will be able to see the details of the call when we pull your serial number up in GSX. However, those AppleCare people don't really listen and probably put the wrong info down so you'll need to explain the case to the AASP over again.

    If you want, I can check to see if anything shows up in GSX for your iMac. PM me the serial number and I can check. As far as I knew, they were still giving case numbers, but he might have forgotten.
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    i think they do give case numbers..I called em twice over diffrent issues and got one each time..but that was a while back...

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