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Oct 24, 2019
Last year I opted for the Air 3 in an attempt to not have to deal with the white spot issue. Unfortunately 10 months later, my Air has it in the same spot as the Pro.

I’ve bought/returned the 11” model because I prefer lightning over USB C until Apple’s other products catchup so now I’m thinking if I have to deal with the white spot regardless, I might as well be using the Pro model but no one stocks it anymore. Does Apple still refill their refurb 10.5 Pro stock periodically?


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May 6, 2013
I’d think so, using the 10.5 Pros that people trade in. It obviously wouldn’t be as often as previously, when units that people had bought new and then returned within 14 days could also be put through the refurbishing process.


Apr 16, 2020
I haven't seen the 10.5" Pros in the US Refurb Store for quite a while now. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for one there.
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