Does apple store sell mac pro replacement parts and install?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ScrappyCoco, Jan 6, 2014.

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    i have a 2010 mac pro with no apple care and i was wondering can i get my motherboard replaced if i pay for it. reason why is because in my office thats has 6 mac pros in it one of them always seems to hate anything put in the pcie slot it causes the expansion fans to get real loud.. all the mac pros are on 10.8.5 but this one has always had problems. i went in once when i had apple care left and they told me it was normal but i know its not.
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    The benefit of taking it to a responsible engineer is that they will tell you the most likely cause of the fault so you can target your spending on parts accurately.

    Attempt it yourself and you could get lucky or you could end up buying a logic board... to find it still does it and perhaps need a PSU and then find it is still wonky but in a different way so you replace something else.
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    take it to an apple repair shop and have them run diagnostics on it.. probably lots of them in the san mateo area (compared to, say, topeka).. it'll probably range from free to $100 to have them check it out then decide what to do from there.. (fix it yourself or pay them to do it in which they should subtract the earlier fee from the final)
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    What are you putting in the PCIe slot? If it's a graphics card, it may not be an issue with the motherboard. High power draw cards such as the 7xxx series and GTX 680 all cause this.

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