Does Apple update iOS during repair?

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    Here is my situation- I have a iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.3. The phone is eligible for a free battery replacement through a recall program specific to the 6s. Yesterday I dropped the phone and cracked the screen.

    I want to bring the phone to an Apple store to get both of these issues fixed. I chatted with Apple Support and the person at the other end wouldn't give me a straight answer on if they will update my phone to iOS 11 - his exact response was "they may update your iOS version".

    He recommended that I backup my phone to iTunes if I want to revert back to 10.3.3.
    Is this true? I thought if I tried to restore from a backup of an older OS only my data and settings would transfer, leaving the phone at the newer version of iOS

    Also can anyone confirm if Apple will update the OS if I bring it in?

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    I’m not sure if Apple will update it or not. As there is a chance for data loss with any update, I doubt they would do so by default. That would strike me as poor customer service if they didn’t advise you in store.

    Your best bet really is asking once you’re there. Whatever the response, affirm that you absolutely want the software version to remain as is.
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    I don't know about updating iOS because of an iPhone repair but I can verify that Apple will update macOS on a Mac that they have to repair and that repair includes a new hard drive or SSD. I suspect if they have to wipe your iPhone for the repair and install iOS for you that they will install the latest.
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    First off, there should be no reason Apple will even need to turn on your device for either repair. Apple makes a point not to access customer data unless absolutely necessary.

    If however something goes awry with the repair and the phone needs to be replaced, then you would most likely receive a replacement device that is running some version of iOS 11.

    Also, the Apple Support rep is certainly incorrect in stating that making a backup through iTunes would allow you to restore your device to iOS 10.3.3 if updated. All iOS 10 versions are no longer signed by Apple, basically meaning it will not install.

    Best bet is to speak with your repair specialists prior to the repair and have them assure you the phone won’t be updated.
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    No they will not without your consent

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