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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Koodauw, Mar 2, 2007.

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    I have had my MBP for about a year now, and just recently added AppleCare to go with it. I was glad I did, as I started to have a few issues. They were, The Buzz/whine noise, a clicking sound from the HD, and random shutdowns while using the battery. (It would just shut all the way off, without any warning.)

    So I called up good ole Applecare, spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support, (they misunderstood me and had to re type everything up) and the call concluded with them sending me a box to have the computer sent in for repairs. So I followed all their instructions and off it went.

    After 4 days of shaking and going through withdrawal symptoms, my computer was back to me. (I believe they replaced the logic board.) I was excited, and relieved, but this was short lived. After about an hour worth of use, I gave it a go on battery power only to find out that it still would randomly just shut off. So I called up Apple support again, and the guy there tells me it could be the battery, or the charging bay. I'd have to take it to a service center and they could tell me which. Well we don't have any Apple stores in my town, but we do have a COMPUSA (an authorized service center), which is right across the st from where I live, so I said I could take it there.

    Well COMPUSA couldn't do anything for me, as they didnt have the means to test anything, so I was back on the phone with apple. After having me waste my time at Compusa, they agreed to just send me a new battery. Later that night, some funny lines started to appear on the screen, around the edges of the items in my dock, and on Safari and Finder windows as well. So I repaired permissions, and restarted, but to my surprise the computer would not boot up. I got the Dong, and then a Blue screen, but that was it. It wont boot. So I let it sit all night, and tried it again this morning. It booted up just fine, however, if I shut it down, and try to start it again, it freezes on boot up. It seems like it has to sit for a certain amount of time before I can get it to boot again.

    So to make this long story short, after just sending this computer in to be fixed, running to an apple service center, countless hours on the phone, the computer needs to go back in again. I am very frustrated with the whole process. Do I just send it again and wait it out again? Be angry? Demand some action? What would you do?
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    Mar 1, 2007
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    I would give them one more chance, but I would also specifically state that this is most likely the last time you will have the time or resources to allow another fix.

    Plenty of people here will say "Oh, e-mail Steve Jobs."

    I'm of the thinking that you should at least give them one more shot before you take that route. I'd like to think that someone would give them the chance to do right before using up resources at Steve Jobs office for their own immediate self gratification.

    Good luck.
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    In my honest opinion, I found better results when I expressed to them how disappointed I was in there service and how they handled things. Sometimes we just got to be understanding and accept that they make mistakes. Also explain to them you don't really want to have to send in your laptop a third time and ask them if they could double check there work and make sure it's all working.

    But that’s how I would handle it.

    If then I have to send it in a third time, F*** THAT! Heh, especially if its for the same problem. Then you start to demand better service, (i.e. over night shipping box, faster turn around… etc)

    Just my $.02
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    Jan 22, 2007
    this is why i'm not so sure about getting a mbp now
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    Glad to know how you stand in post number two.

    To the OP: If you express your concern over unsatisfactory service, they should care. I still don't understand all the complaints when apple is ranked (or at least was last year) top in CS for computer services.

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