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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by BilltheCat, Apr 1, 2007.

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    Start at the end of the first year even if you get it early? or does it's time start when you get it? Im at 3 months now. I am losing my phone support but never needed it with you folks here! I have hardware warranty for the year from purchase I believe so does apple care start at the end of the first year whenever you buy it?

    Apple is sending me email wanting me to buy now. Seems a lot of people wait until the anniversary. advise me please?
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    applecare starts at the end of the first year (on the anniversary date of the date the product was purchased) even if you buy it early. you just can't buy it past the first year of owning the product, so most people wait until the last minute to buy it (since there's no real reason to buy it early since it doesn't make the coverage start any sooner). some people also like to wait to the last minute to try to gauge if they'll need it in the first place (in case things are starting to go wrong with their computer by that time).

    if you have the cash now and may forget to buy it before your year is up, buy it now. if you're sure you'll remember, wait until just before the one year is up (and have a bit of a better idea then about the reliability of your computer)...

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