Does Bluetooth just Die?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Meandmunch, Feb 9, 2011.

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    My 27inch iMac seems to no longer be aware it has Bluetooth capability. I wonder does the unit or module just go bad? Can I wake it up? Perhaps something I can do to reset or reboot it?

    My wireless mouse and keyboard are no longer recognized by it. At first I thought it was just the batteries inside the keyboard, after changing them and try after try using the blutooth setup assistant my iMac would not see the keyboard. At that time it still had both teh keyboard and mouse in "memory" (the little list of devices it was familiar with) but they had red dots next to them. After restarting the iMac, I no longer had any Bluetooth at all. One minute it was there in my Prefs the next it was gone. Same goes for the control bar at the top of the screen. I checked the system profiler and clicked Bluetooth, it say "no information found"

    I am open to suggestions?


    I have a 27 inch 2.66gh core i5, bought it right at the beginning of last year. So it is just barely over one year old.
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    anything can just die, my BT keyboard just did last night for no reason. It could be a software issue but I doubt it. If you have everything backed up try a format. If it's hardware it could be something as easy as replacing the BT module inside the iMac. It could also be a bigger problem like the motherboard the adapter attaches to. If you're no longer covered by warranty install this in a spare USB port.
    It's only $12 and it's much cheaper than having a new motherboard or bt adapter installed considering labor alone could buy you 5 of these things.
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    Unless there is a way of testing/reseting jogging the memory of the Bluetooth module that $12 external dongle seems like a good idea.


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