Does FCP 7 support HDV or Flash, do I need FCP HD?


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May 25, 2009
Hey guys, I just got FCP 7 from having 5 previosly, I'm getting an HD camcorder soon. And does FCOP 7 support HDV/HD?


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Dec 2, 2004
  • FCP HD is a rather old version from 2004. Version 7 is the latest version.
  • FCP does not support animations made in Adobe Flash™, and there will never be a camera that shoots to Adobe Flash, because it is a vector format. However, FCP can readily edit video shot onto flash storage such as an SD card.
  • To avoid confusion in video contexts, we use "HDD" when referring to hard drive disks, and "HD" for high definition. FCP handles both.
  • General rule: If Quicktime can play it, FCP can edit it. If Quicktime can't play it, convert it to something it can play.
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