Does global Siri search find "imported" content now?


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Apr 26, 2011
Under the old iTunes and TV OS 12.x model, if you booted up your Apple TV and hit the Siri button on your remote and said "Harry Potter" the Apple TV would direct you to purchase the movie from iTunes, even if the movie was in your iTunes library (say a Blu-Ray rip) but not as a "purchase".

If you wanted to search your iTunes library for imported media (rips), you had to go to Computers, then search, then you could hit the mic button but you weren't really searching the Apple TV at that point, you were just using voice to text to fill out the search box.

Has this mechanic changed with the new TV app in Catalina and TV OS 13.x? Can I now search anything that is imported into my TV library from the "home screen" on the Apple TV?
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