Does having Network Profiles via AFP cause major application problems?


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Jun 3, 2006
Perhaps someone could explain this to me, because i must be doing something wrong.

We have 10.4.6 client machines, and a 10.4.6 XServe. They login and their profiles are on the server and accessed via AFP, ok all is well there.

But ever since Tiger (Panther never had this problem) having network profiles causes so many problems with applications. Here are just some examples:

1. MS Office 2004 programs will sometimes say all the system fonts are corrupted when they are not. The only way to fix this is to log the user out and delete the Microsoft preferences folder from their network profile from the server. Doing it from the client doesn't work unless you get them to logon in safe boot.

2. Office 2004 will also randomly not save documents or autorecovery files, claiming that "too many files are open" or that the disk is full, when their profiles have 100s of megabytes left.

3. Safari will randomly stop working. When you load up Safari it will load up websites all distorted, and then eventually give up and force quit. The only way to fix this is...again deleting the Safari preferences from the server whilst the client is logged off.

4. Adobe Photoshop files will randomly corrupt, causing "End of file" errors when files are opened.

Now i've narrowed it down to the basic fact that the clients are using network profiles via AFP. I've experimented them logging onto the server and using local profiles and the programs all work perfectly. My setup is exactly the same as it was on Panther, and panther had none of these problems. The only other difference is that since i moved to Tiger i've been using both the onboard ethernet ports on the server, having the user profiles on one port with one IP, and the group shares and other shares on the second port. Both of which are mounted on logon.

Surely i am not the only one who is experiencing this?


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Sep 8, 2002
The Netherlands
I assume their homedirectories are hosted on the AFP server?

M$ Office is known to have many problems with networked homedirectories.
One work around is to set the autorecover files (Word >> Prefs >> File Locations >> AutoRecover Files) to a place locally on the hard drive of the Mac. The folder "Shared" in /Users is a place where everyone has read & write access, so that is the easiest one to appoint for the place to store the autorecover files. Ofcourse, you can place it anywhere you want, but the logged-in user must have write and read access.