Does iPad Mini lead to price drop on iPad 4?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by godslabrat, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. godslabrat macrumors 6502

    Aug 19, 2007
    I've been pondering an iPad for a while now, a 32GB model, to be specific. I like the size of the standard iPad, and wasn't really interested in the Mini... but I didn't really like the price of the iPad either.

    Now the Mini comes along, and a 32Gigger is $429. Not bad at all, compared to the $600 I'd spend on the other. But, I want the retina screen and all that, so I'm still not really keen on the Mini. I'll probably keep saving my money to make up for the extra $170. Still, it's VERY tempting to try and save myself almost $200.

    But I have to wonder... how many people are in my position, and were ready to drop $500+? Now they have a cheaper option, which some of them will take. It leads me to ask... would it be in Apple's interest to close the price gap between the Mini and the iPad 4, just to keep from cannibalizing sales? Granted, they're selling one of their own products either way, but I'm sure they'd prefer to sell the one with the higher margin. And of course, I doubt it would happen before the holidays are over.

    As for the iPad 2... I don't know where it fit into the grand scheme of things anymore. I'd be surprised if it's still in production this time next year.
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    Apple won't drop the price on the iPad4. They expect to lose some sales to iPad mini, but not a big deal - they will still make money.

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