Does Iphoto Do This Glow Effect

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by littleb2005, Sep 4, 2008.

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    I've never seen anything like that for iPhoto, but I've never looked specifically. I don't think it can do anything like that "out of the box", and I'm not sure that iPhoto plugins can do image filters like that... the plugins I've seen are more file management type stuff.
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    Most of the effect was done with studio lighting and careful exposure but it dose look like the software was also bluring some highlights too.

    No iPhoto does not do stuff like that. What you need is a real "image editor". I'd pick up Adobe Photoshop Elements. Then from inside iPhoto go to prefferences pannel and specify Photoshop Elements as the default editior. Then when you edit images in iPhoto you will be using Elements.

    You can get Elements for free, kind of. Buy a wacom graphic tablet and Elements is inside. It's a full upgradable version. You will need the tablet if you are doing any kind of image editing

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