iPod Does iPod Mini Scratch Easily?


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Apr 26, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
I'm still completely happy with my 3G iPod, but I just bought an iPod Mini with a 17" Powerbook (w00t! W00T I SAY!) under the Student Union Deal so I guess I'm getting a Mini.

My 3G iPod scratches very easily on the metal back. How resistant is the iPod Mini to scratches? Do you think I'd be able to set it on a table "naked" without worrying about scratching (something I would never do with my 3G) or should I invest in some kind of... anti-scratching device?


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Jan 20, 2005
Rockford MI
I had my gold mini for more then a year before I sold it (i wish i could have it back now) and the only places it had scratchs were from when i drop it on a corner of it and the Silver apple logo and iPod text. And all those scratchs were very small and you had to be in the rite light to see it.


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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
No scratches on the metal of a green iPod mini from February 2004. One minute scratch in the glass of the screen, after an unlucky incident where the mini and my keys ended up in the same pocket for a while... :eek:

In short: The mini doesn't scratch unless you actively scratch it yourself.

I've never had mine in a skin/sleve/etc but usually have the clip on it for that extra protection and to clip it on to the "inside" of my pocket. I also use the clip to prevent another accident like the time it fell out of my pocket and went tumbling down a concrete staircase (no scratches then either, it didn't even stop playing, the minis are though little bas...things). What I do is thread the headphones cord through the clip itself so that if another drop should occur the mini should be hanging off the 1.2 m (~4 ft) cord (I'm using "real" headphones and not those in-ears-sh...pooh).


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Jan 6, 2003
ppc_michael said:
How resistant is the iPod Mini to scratches?
A lot more resistant than its larger stainless steel brothers. I had a first gen iPod Mini that I recently sold after using it for about 16 months - not one scratch on it. My second gen iPod mini seems to be made with a slightly different metal. It feels a bit rougher to the touch. I've also managed to take a tiny gouge out of it already (about the size of a pin head) my impression is that the newer material is thicker, but slighter softer. Could be wrong though.

It's still worth investing in a decent case. I like the iSee Mini and the iSkins personally.


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Mar 2, 2005
Southern IL

I think that the bottom of the Powerbook G4 scratches easier than the iPod mini. My daughter has a Green 6GB mini and she has dropped it more times than I can count, but it seems to only show little chips where paint is missing. I think that it holds up pretty well!


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Apr 21, 2003
washington dc
the stainless backs of the regular iPods scratch much more than a mini will, don't worry. it's still a good idea to get some sort of sleeve or protective device though :D
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