Does it make sense to run iOS across 3 platforms

Discussion in 'iPad' started by TheRealAlex, Mar 30, 2016.

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    Ok so Steve Job's outlook for computing was to envision devices iPhone iPad and now iPad Pro and Macs essentially as cars or autmobiles. Stay with me here just like cars and trucks some are suited for particular tasks. A garbage truck or a race car. Fine.

    Now that we have such a variety of use as in the iPad Pro it is kind of silly to be running the same OS across these differnt devices which like cars and trucks are suited for differenet uses.

    How many more OS releases will be stuck with the same icon arrangment or no file system or USB drive support. I can see how an iPhone would not need such enhancements. But an iPad Pro. This whole Replace your PC may backfire on Apple if they don't wake up.

    We need basic functionality they are intentionally keeping from us.
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    I'm sure they will continue to add functionality with each release. As for a file system, that is what iCloud basically is. I don't see any reason for people to be able to access the system files. As internet speeds continue to increase and cost for wireless internet continues to drop, having your files in the cloud instead of locally on your device will not cause any kind of delay in accessing anything, and will be more cost effective as you won't need as much storage on your local device.

    I'm sure someone will say "what if I'm on a plane or somewhere that I don't have internet access". In 5 more years, all planes will have internet access and the whole world will be covered with service. I don't see it as an issue in the long term.
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    Maybe it's just me but I'm not quite seeing the drop in cost for service at the moment. We went from $30 for unlimited internet to $300+ for 50GB.
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    I don't think the iPad Pro is a third platform. It's still an iPad. Again, much like a MacBook Pro and Mac Pro are still Macs.

    Yes, iOS needs to evolve a bit to help fill this niche that the Pro is trying to fill. Yes, it needs apps to actually bet seriously on iOS. But right now, the iPad Pro honestly feels aimed at those who are already close to replacing their laptop with a tablet if it just did a couple more things well. Especially those whose laptops were their second machine, not their first.
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    Yeah, this part sucks, but it is at least based somewhat on economics of getting throughput at the towers. Unlimited was from an era where very few people used data, and the network was under utilized. Now, the majority of what happens on their networks is data. So data is something they have to manage, while the voice capabilities go underutilized. And what carriers have been doing over the last few years have all been moves to shift to this new reality.

    T-Mo dismantling it's 2G data network to use the same bands for LTE. Verizon blocking new devices at one point if they weren't LTE so they could start doing the same for 2G/3G at the same time. VoLTE and Wifi Calling to enable dismantling of the voice part of the network itself, again to roll out more LTE (or "5G" perhaps looking at Verizon's claims). The real issue is tower density (and fighting interference if the density is too high), and wireless spectrum that can reach the towers in more rural areas. And with how embedded smartphones already are, I don't think wireless will ever be as cheap as a good landline, but it will be more convenient if you want to make that trade off.
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    In 2-3 years we will see 5G and that will replace landlines all together.

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