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Sep 13, 2018
I noticed when sending iMessages to this one contact it will show “Delivered” pretty much the instant I hit send. With all my other contacts there is a second or two of lag before it says “Delivered”. This particular contact hasn’t been returning my messages for two days when usually they reply very very quickly.

Does this instant “Delivered” mean anything and could they not actually be getting my messages? I don’t think they blocked me because I tested that with a friend who blocked my number and when I sent them an iMessage it never showed “Delivered” and eventually turned to the green text, so if it’s saying Delivered then I can’t be blocked. Any ideas?


Feb 9, 2003
Delivered means that at least one of the recipient's iCloud registered devices has been sent your message, and, that apple has not detected any problem with the message getting to the device.
all that means however, is that your message has in fact likely reached the device.
but, in actual every day practice, in 100% of the cases that i am aware of both in my own situation and others, your message has in fact actually been delivered to the device. believe it.

it doesn't mean its been "opened" (meaning clicked on to show the entire message) or "Read".

instantly: yes. in almost all network conditions, iMessage is in fact instant. no lag at all. not even 1 second.
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Apr 23, 2010
I'm a Verizon user, and "Delivered" is useful, because that's not always the case. And if we're in areas without good coverage, also useful.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
I had an argument with someone who claimed I was lying when I said I didn't get their message, because it said "Delivered".

No, I had not gotten their message. My Mac at home, which is always online, receives all iMessages near instantly so EVERY TIME someone sends me a message it will instantly say Delivered.

I was out of cell coverage at the time so I didn't get the message until later.

Had a conversation with the person and pointed out the best way to get on my bad side is to question me based on "Delivered" and "Read" statuses on messages. Thankfully they stopped with that nonsense; I have very little patience for stalkery behavior.
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