Does iTunes Match scan your devices library?

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    So my MacBook Pro recently stopped working and apple sent it into repair and I never made a backup and they're not sure if it will come back wiped or not. It had all my music on it but all that music is on my iPhone as well. If I bought iTunes Match, would it be able to scan all the music from my phone and put it on my computer when I get it back? If not, is there anything I could do to get the music off of my phone, preferably in original quality? It's an iPhone 5 running the latest iOS 7 beta
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    Not sure about the iTunes Match option, but I don't think it works because you're required to sign-up for iTunes Match using iTunes on a computer as far as I know. There's a program called DiskAid 6 which lets you copy all the songs from your phone to any computer. There's a free trial, however, to copy large amounts of songs you will have to buy it. If I'm not mistaken it's $29.

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    I do recommend you start backing up your computer when you get it back from Apple.

    iTunes Match does need to be done from iTunes on your computer. Do note that Apple specifically says this is not a backup and you should keep a backup of your music.

    There are a few different options I've seen to copy music from an iOS device to a computer. I don't recall what they were, but a web search will help track them down.

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