Does Lion have individual file password protection

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    I am thinking maybe not, but google searches have not turned up anything in the affirmative or negative? I would like to assign a password to at least a folder, if not individual files. I could password protect/lock the whole computer, but sometimes I let other people use my laptop in the house - i'd prefer not to set up a whole new account for them/guests, but rather just protect a handful of files (tax returns, household budget, etc). Not that these people would look, but any who... I am pretty sure microsoft office files for the PC have been able to do this for quite awhile. Thoughts?
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    I enable the guest account for this purpose.

    There are programs out that which you could use to password encrypt a file, but that sure seems like doing things the hard way.
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    You have a couple of good options in Mac. Open Disk Utility and go File/New/Blank Disk Image. Choose the size that you want and give the image a name. Defaults are 40 Mb, 100 Mb & 500 Mb. Custom allows you to choose a higher or lower value.

    For Encryption you have two choices 128 & 256 bit. 256 is more secure.

    Create your image and you can drop as many files & folders as space will allow into it.

    You can also create a disk image from a folder that you want to encrypt. The drawback is that with this kind of image you cannot add new files to it later on.

    You can even hide the image if you want by placing a full stop (period) in front of the name.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, make sure you don't add the password to your Keychain

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