Does Mobileme support non-'me' email accounts?

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    Feb 10, 2008

    I currently have a MBP and have just ordered a MBA (refurb 1.8 SSD) I was hoping to use mobileme to sync my 2 macs together. I have 3 questions

    If I have mobileme and sync my MBA will it copy over all my passwords for safari? I understand it also syncs the bookmarks

    The second question is I have a non-mobileme e-mail account (its a alumni account from my university and I use a secure IMAP server to access) Will mobile me sync this account as well or does it only work with me accounts?

    The last question is does anyone have any experience of using mobilme to sync with a computer for the first time rather than migration assistant? I would only want to sync my basic stuff and leave the MBA as 'lite' as possible

    Thanks in advance :):) for any help on any of these questions, I am a bit hazy on all of this

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    If you elect to sync your Keychains, yes.

    Your MobileMe e-mail will appear in Mail automatically once you set it up and sign in. The account synchronization is specifically for other e-mail accounts you've set up in Mail. They won't appear in the web interface, but they will sync to other computers. You can also sync your e-mail settings, rules and the like.

    Not specifically, but if the only stuff you need is stuff that MobileMe syncs, it seems a good strategy.
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    Mar 13, 2009
    Sync Non .me email

    Hello. I just started using MobileMe. The sync *did* bring over my non .me email accounts. However, only a tiny fraction of my emails came over. Most of my email is in folders that I've created "On My Mac" not in Smart Mailboxes (because the Smart Mailboxes leave the mail in my inbox, and I prefer it empty after I've read it).

    Also, my RSS feeds haven't sync'd. Presumably because I have them in subdirectories under RSS.

    Is there something I can do to correct this?

    Oh one more thing, I can't get my keychains to sync. Thoughts?

    Thank you!

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